Have you ever wandered through your garden and felt that overwhelming sense of peace just wash over you? That's no accident! As well as producing something beautiful to look at and spend time in, gardening is a fantastic tool that you can use to look after your mental health. Gardening is a hugely therapeutic hobby, giving us responsibility over something we can control and take pride in. There are so many more reasons to lean into gardening as a way of looking after your mental and physical health. Have a read below to learn more.

What are the effects of gardening on my mental health?

  • Reduce Stress

Isn't gardening relaxing? Regularly attending to our beloved green spaces is well known to help reduce stress, in the body and in the mind. It can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, also, letting us live more relaxed, joyful lives.

  • Promote a Feeling of Accomplishment

Gardening is, in essence, simple, but it's certainly not easy! At the root of things, all you're doing is moving soil around, pulling weeds and planting seedlings but we all know that, to get the best out of your space, you've got to put your back into it. That feeling of accomplishment when you've just finished planting your latest acquisitions is one unlike any other. Take the time to look around at what you've created with your bare hands and celebrate your achievement!

  • Connect with Nature

Countless studies have proven how important it is to connect, physically, with the natural world around us. In this increasingly technological, digital, concrete world we live in, it can be easy to lose sight of the simple joys of life. Spending time in your own little green space is a great way to destress and relax. Feel the grass beneath your feet on a warm summer's evening, have a sniff of the latest budding flowers and enjoy that moment in peace – pure bliss!

  • Great Exercise

We all know that, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, the mental and physical go hand in hand. As we've said, gardening is simple, but it's hard work! When you put your back into it, pull those weeds, plant those new bulbs and seedlings, the physical benefits of getting moving can't be denied.

What are the best plants to boost my mental health?

  • Rosemary

Beyond the obvious flavourful benefits, planting a Rosemary bush in your garden can do wonders for your mental health! It is said that the herb is fantastic for improving and maintaining memory, not to mention the fact that it smells divine!

  • Lavender

The floral scent of Lavenders are a go-to for those dealing with anxiety and stress. The plant is easy to care for and has so many additional benefits beyond the garden – you can make a soothing tea from the flowers or, when clipping back the bushes, dry the stems you snip and enjoy the fragrance around your home, too!

  • Jasmine

The pretty, star-shaped flowers of the Jasmine plant carry that sweet, distinctive fragrance. Jasmine is known to help reduce anxiety and increase a sense of peace. Plant Jasmine somewhere sunny and sheltered, near your favourite relaxation spot, so you can enjoy the scent as you unwind.

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