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The Perfect Day Out for London-Based Gardening Addicts

If you’re a Londoner with green fingers, you’ll know how crazy the pricing in garden centres near you can be. Gardening World Limited has the solution just down the road.  more  

Should I start growing my own fruits & vegetables?

The short answer is: absolutely! With countless health and monetary reasons to start, there’s no better time than now to get planting.  more  

How Can I Make My Garden More Pet-Friendly?

If you’ve ever welcomed a new pet into your home, no doubt you’ll have taken the time to “pet-proof” it first. Your garden needs the same attention!  more  

Can Gardening be Good for My Mental Health?

As our understanding of mental health grows, so too does our understanding of how to take care of it. Gardening is a fantastic place to start.  more  

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