Christmas Gifts

Clotted cream shortbread buttons
Lovely china jug with Tete a Tete bulbs
A Chatty Guide to Chickens
Grow your own mushrooms
Pretty festive Reindeer Pot
Basil, Tomato and Oregano
Coriander, Chilli Cayenne and Fenugreek
A good sized tin of yummy cookies
Grow your own chilli
Pretty festive bags planted with winter flowering plants
JalapeƱo, Habanero and Coriander
Coriander, Chilli Cayenne and Fenugreek
Little white sheep
Llama Pot White
Llama Pot Orange
Peanut brittle the size of a plate!
Sheep white
sheep Black
Choc Chip Crumbles
Sage green bird pot, rustic aged look.
Cute Mushroom Pot
Blue Bird Pot Small.
Grow your own fresh mushrooms
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