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A mix of the best-looking plants
Mixed colours, 3 plants
5 summer flowering PERENNIALS
5 PERENNIAL ROCKERY PLANTS (our choice of the best looking)
Our choice of colours 2 plants, 2 pots
Coir basket liners 12 inch
Coir basket liners 14 inch
Wool basket liners 12 inch
Wool basket liners 14 inch
Wool basket liners 16 inch
Empty hanging basket (our choice)
Empty cone (our choice)
A Summer favourite, bright flowers
Large bright flowers and tropical looking leaves
Compact African Daisy 4 individual plants
Beautiful Hanging Basket in a 14inch dia wicker rattan basket
These baskets get huge!
Basket Cone filled with summer flowering plants
Beautiful Summer Plants
Multipurpose compost with Added John Innes
Hanging Basket Compost
Livingstone Daisy
Special Geraniums (2 pot bundle)
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