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3/4/20 WE ARE GETTING LOTS OF PHONE CALLS ABOUT SUMMER BEDDING PLANTS....please note that our Summer bedding plants will not be ready for sale until Week Commencing 20th April we cannot take any bedding plant orders until then.....


Outstanding Quality Plants Grown on Site, for All Gardens and Every Gardener

Welcome to Gardening World Limited, your friendly, local and independent garden centre in Kent.
If you enjoy gardening you will love our Garden Centre.
We are open seven days a week, all year round and we have an enormous range of plants, trees and shrubs set across our large 4 acre site.
You’ll also find a wonderful selection of pots, hanging baskets and African crafts at our Garden Centre. We are all keen gardeners ourselves here at Gardening World Limited, so if you need any help or assistance picking the right plants for your garden, we’d love to help. 


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Our Garden Centre in Spring

In Spring when daffodils, crocus, tulips, cyclamen and primroses are all showing their early colour we have available individual pot grown plants as well as ready made HANGING BASKETS and PLANTED POTS.



With The Onset of Summer

As spring passes and early summer arrives you will be astounded by the range of BEDDING PLANTS we grow on site. You can wander around our half acre greenhouse and choose your own selection from our growing beds



Amazing Hanging Baskets and Planted Pots

Our speciality in Summer is the variety and choice of HANGING BASKETS and PLANTED POTS we produce. Come and will be amazed!



Hardy Perennials

Each year we grow literally thousands of pot PERENNIALS. From majestic Foxgloves and Delphiniums to ground cover hardy Geraniums, Aubretia and Rockery Plants.





Our Lovely Roses. . .

By the time Easter comes we restock our Rose Courtyard with over a thousand roses. Hybrid Tea roses, Floribunda Roses, Patio roses, Standard roses and Climbing roses. Our Celebration range of roses, roses for all occasions, make lovely gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. When the roses flower in summer the courtyard looks and smells wonderful.




Make a Statement With Trees and  Shrubs!

We have an acre growing area dedicated to our stock of TREES and SHRUBS, so you can walk around and decide what is right for your garden. From Acers to Yews, we grow large specimen trees (also smaller younger versions) and architectural statement shrubs all suited to our local growing conditions.


About Our Garden Centre in Kent


Gardening World Limited - Garden Centre Kent, Newington and Sittingbourne. Bedding plants and perennials.

Bedding Plants & Perennials  

We grow an exciting selection of bedding plants and perennials, with new varieties added each season. Plants are available in individual pots or in ready made hanging baskets and planted containers. When spring arrives, you’ll be able to  walk around our half acre bedding plant greenhouse and see where we grow thousands of bedding plants.



Gardening World Limited - Garden Centre Kent, Newington and Sittingbourne. Trees, shrubs and roses.

Trees, Shrubs & Roses

If it’s trees you’re after, we have a designated section where you’ll be able to find the perfect specimen for your garden. During the summer you’ll be able to see and smell our delightful selection of roses, perfect as a gift for that special someone.


Gardening World Limited - Garden Centre Kent, Newington and Sittingbourne. Pots for plants. Terracotta and clay.

Pots and More Pots

We have a vast array of pots which are kept undercover to ensure that they are always in excellent condition. Whether you need a small terracotta pot or some extra large glazed pots, we’ll help you find the perfect container for your garden.



Gardening World Limited - Garden Centre Kent, Newington and Sittingbourne. African Craft Centre.

African Craft Centre

If you would like to give your home a unique twist then browse our collection of West African carvings, the largest of its kind in the UK. From authentic masks to handcrafted artifacts, you’ll find something truly special from our collection.


Gardening World Limited - Garden Centre Kent, Newington and Sittingbourne. Daisy Chain Tearoom.

Daisy Chain Tearoom

Looking for plants and pots for your garden can be thirsty work! If you need a little break then have a well earned rest at our Daisy Chain Tea Room. Here you can order a hot drink and cake then relax in the peaceful surroundings of our garden centre.



Gardening World Limited - Garden Centre Kent, Newington and Sittingbourne. Flowers at our location.

Our Location

Gardening World Limited is situated at Lower Hartlip Road, Newington, Sittingbourne, ME9 7SZ. If you are looking for a garden centre in Kent please visit on any day of the week to see our stunning selection of plants, trees and shrubs.